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Haynes woodwind maintenance manuals
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Haynes woodwind maintenance manuals

Woodwind instrument advice, reviews, care, repair & maintenance.

Whether you're interested in buying an instrument, maintaining your flute or clarinet, hints on saxophone repairs or just plain curious about woodwind - you'll find something to interest you here, presented in a clear and relaxed manner.

Another update - and a few more tasty morsels for your delight and delectation.
We kick off with a couple of new reviews; a rare and unusual vintage beauty and a bang-up-to-date rehash of well-known modern pro horn. And for the cheapskates among you, how does a £2 leaklight grab ya?
As usual, you'll find hard-hitting reviews that show no fear (of losing a sale) or favour; commonsense advice about looking after your instruments; myths debunkified (is that even a word?); clear explanations and a maybe one or two laughs. So fill your mug/glass/pipe, give your mouse a buff and click on. You know it makes sense....

Latest reviews: "Don't blow it - bench it!"

New: Small, but perfectly formed? The Selmer MkVI sopranino in all its diminuative glory. New: There's a lot of buzz around the new Yani horns, but are we talking the bees knees - or a bulldog chewing a wasp? The AWO2 hits the bench.

Selmer MkVI tenor thumbnailThe archetypal tenor, the Selmer MK VI.
Is it all it's cracked up to be? Does the myth hold up against the reality...?

Mauriat PMSS-601 soprano thumbnailA distinctive offering from Mauriat, but is it all show and no go?
Will the PMSS-601 tipped bell soprano seduce you with its curves...or just drive you round the bend?
Swanee sax thumbnailYou don't see many slide saxes around these days - which probably isn't such a bad thing. To find out why, check out the review of the Swanee sax... Yamaha YTS23 tenor thumbnailAh, the ubiquitous Yamaha YTS23. This is a horn with a punch-for-price rating that's very hard to beat, which is why I call it 'The giant killer'. Go find out why...
B&S blue label tenor thumbnailThe B&S Blue Label tenor. Wunderbar...or just a posh Weltklang?
Before we blow it....let's bung it on the bench...
Yanagisawa 901 tenor thumbnailMore Japanese goodness, in the shape of Yanagisawa's 'entry-level' pro tenor, the 901.

Yanagisawa 902 alto thumbnailImpeccable build quality, reliable tuning, rich tone...and can I have it in bronze? Yessir, you certainly can.
The Yanagisawa 902 alto ticks all the boxes.

Nuova alto sax thumbnailAnother Chinese Ultra-Cheap alto - but this time it's made by the KHS factory, and they make Jupiter horns. A budget horn with big-brand quality control? Sounds like it might be a winner...

Selmer SA80III tenor thumbnailThe MkVI all grown up...or the delinquent offspring?
The Selmer SA80III tenor goes under the screwdriver...

Yanagisawa S880 soprano sax thumnbailLooking for a pro-spec soprano on a budget? This oldie-but-goodie ought to be on your list - it's Yanagisawa's S880...apparently the first-ever soprano with a detachable crook...

Handy Hints: Hints, tips and maintenance advice


Making and using a leaklight thumbnailUpdated: Fancy a leaklight for two quid? 'Course you do - and here's how to make (and use) it. Oiling the action thumbnailOiling the action. Why you should do it, how to do it and what to detail.

Miscellaneous: All the other stuff...

Glossary: What does it all mean?

Ligature thumbnailThe Black Museum's latest exhibit: The prehistoric ligature of old Pompey town... Point screws thumbnailAll you need to know about point (pivot) screws...and more.

Testing...Testing: What works, and what doesn't

Notes...from a small workshop

Pad Saver thumbnailPad savers - good, bad or indifferent? What do we really know. Notes thumbnailNew: Of boots and balls - it's saxophone cobblers.

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Haynes saxophone & clarinet manuals thumbnailEverything you need to know about looking after your sax or clarinet.


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