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Haynes woodwind maintenance manuals
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Haynes woodwind maintenance manuals

Woodwind instrument advice, reviews, care, repair & maintenance.

Whether you're interested in buying an instrument, maintaining your flute or clarinet, hints on saxophone repairs or just plain curious about woodwind - you'll find something to interest you here, presented in a clear and relaxed manner.

With the end of the lockdown I wondered whether all this lovely work that's been coming in would tail off, but as yet is shows no signs of slowing down. Although I'm obviously not going to complain about that, it does rather mean that I have less time to spend on writing - and that's rather frustrating because I'm seeing some very interesting horns on the bench. I've had a few in that I simply couldn't pass up the opportunity to review, and I'm pleased to announce that I'm currently working on a very special pair of horns that will be reviewed together in due course. So keep your eyes open for this one. In the meantime I've added a new exhibit to the Black Museum - which should keep you entertained for a while.
Until we're given the all-clear with regard to the virus I'm still adhering to recommended best practices - which you'll find in my policy for handling repairs for the duration. Please be aware, though, that I'm still extremely busy at the moment - so there may be a delay in taking your work on.
As for the rest of the site, you'll find hard-hitting reviews that show no fear or favour; commonsense advice about looking after your instruments; myths debunkified; clear explanations and maybe one or two laughs. So fill your mug/glass/pipe/atty, give your mouse a buff and click on. You know it makes sense....

Latest reviews: "Don't blow it - bench it!"


New: The King Super 20 Silversonic (Series IV) alto. Not just all show.

Gear4Music SS-100G soprano sax reviewNew: First Ultra-Cheap soprano review in 16 years! I do a number on the Gear4Music SS-100G soprano sax.

Yanagisawa T-WO32 Elite tenor  sax reviewUpdated: Had a Yanagisawa T-WO33 tenor in for a service, so added my thoughts on it to the review of the T-WO32

Recent: Not one, but two Hanson LX tenors find their way onto the workbench.
'Very heavily influenced' by the Selmer MkVI is the selling point of this horn - but does it live up to the sales blurb?
Recent: Not quite a review - but a detailed look at the Selmer 130th Anniversary Edition alto.

Recent: The Selmer (London) Super Pennsylvania tenor. I find out what it is, and whether it's super.

Thomann Low Jazz bari sax reviewRecent: In the market for a modern low Bb baritone? There's a new contender in town, and it's a game-changer... Updated: After 15 years I revisit the Selmer Reference 54 alto review. Has anything changed?

Martin Comm.III and Magna alto reviewUpdated: The Martin Committee III alto review gets an update with the addition of a review of the Magna. Is it just a blinged-up Comm.III, or is there more to it?

Keilwerth SX90R tenor 129xxx Updated: Another addition to the rolling review of the Keilwerth SX90R tenor sax. This time it's a 129xxx model. Looks nice...but is it all show and no blow...?

Eppelsheim bass sax review The Eppelsheim bass saxophone. Put it on your bucket list.

Hawkes XX Century alto sax review A very British affair - possibly the best Hawkes & Son XX Century alto out there.

Handy Hints: Hints, tips and maintenance advice


The SHWoodwind F.O. Guide To Octave Key Problems.
(Warning: It's long. It's very long. It's very long indeed.)

Oiling the action - for geeksUpdated (again): Oiling the action - for geeks. Testing the 'multigrade method' of oiling.

Miscellaneous: All the other stuff...

Glossary: What does it all mean?

Updated: The Black Museum's latest exhibit: Quiz time! Point screws thumbnailAll you need to know about point (pivot) screws...and more.

Testing...Testing: What works, and what doesn't

Notes...from a small workshop

Updated: Dealing with green spots (AKA Verdigris). An overview of mechanical and chemical methods of removal (Addendum added March 2020). Notes thumbnail Going viral - the dog shit protocol.

Haynes saxophone & clarinet manuals

Benchlife...the workshop rolling blog

Haynes saxophone & clarinet manuals thumbnailEverything you need to know about looking after your sax or clarinet.

Benchlife - the workshop rolling blogA section devoted to the (almost) daily dabblings on and around the workbench.
Latest entry: Octave swivel pin reduction.


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