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Haynes woodwind maintenance manuals
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Haynes woodwind maintenance manuals

Woodwind instrument advice, reviews, care, repair & maintenance.

Whether you're interested in buying an instrument, maintaining your flute or clarinet, hints on saxophone repairs or just plain curious about woodwind - you'll find something to interest you here, presented in a clear and relaxed manner.

Thanks to being snowed in by the 'Beast from the East' I've had time to catch up a few reviews and articles. There's a pair of tenors in the shape of the Sakkusu and the Mauriat 66 (not the R version), and a budget bari from John Packer. And on the Benchlife Blog I talk about making yet another tool - a custom-built saxwhacker.
As for the rest of the site, you'll find hard-hitting reviews that show no fear or favour; commonsense advice about looking after your instruments; myths debunkified; clear explanations and maybe one or two laughs. So fill your mug/glass/pipe/atty, give your mouse a buff and click on. You know it makes sense....

Latest reviews: "Don't blow it - bench it!"


Sakkusu tenor sax reviewNew:'s take on the Ultra-Cheap horn- the basic Sakkusu tenor.

John Packer JP044 Mk2 baritone sax reviewNew: The Tri-tone baritone - John Packer's JP044 MkII.

Mexican Conn 12M reviewNew: The Mexican Conn 12M. It often gets a bad press - so let's see if it deserves it.

Mauriat 66R tenor reviewUpdated: The Mauriat 66R tenor. Buy something else.
Updated (again): The Mauriat 66...the one without the rolled toneholes.
New Super Dearman alto reviewRecent: It's 'foreign' and it cost twenty quid in 1938 - but just how super is the New Super Dearman alto?

Yanagisawa S6 soprano sax reviewRecent: The strange and mysterious Yanagisawa S6 soprano. Not quite a review - more of a puzzle.

Yanagisawa SWO1U soprano review The much-anticipated update to Yanagisawa's 901 soprano - the all its naked glory. Couesnon 1900 GMN soprano reviewThe perils, pitfalls and pleasures of playing a 100 year old horn.
Meet the Couesnon '1900' GMN soprano.

Andy Sheppard Autograph tenor reviewSupercharged - the Andy Sheppard Autograph series tenor.

Mauriat  76RUL alto reviewThe Mauriat PMXA_76RUL alto. Hmmm.

Yanagisawa A-WO33 alto sax reviewGot five grand spare for an alto? Want to know what you get for your money? See how the A-WO33 fares in the five-alto playoff.
Updated: Some very good news in the postscript to this review.

Yanagisawa B900 baritone sax review A Yanagisawa 900 baritone turns up on the bench, so I've run up a full review and amalgamated it into the existing 901/902/991 review.

Handy Hints: Hints, tips and maintenance advice


All about warped toneholesUpdated: All you need to know about warped toneholes in this completely re-written article. Oiling the action thumbnailOiling the action. Why you should do it, how to do it and what to detail.

Miscellaneous: All the other stuff...

Glossary: What does it all mean?

Goldfinger's CouesnonUpdated: The Black Museum's latest exhibit: The unedifying spectacle of Goldfinger's Couesnon. Point screws thumbnailAll you need to know about point (pivot) screws...and more.

Testing...Testing: What works, and what doesn't

Notes...from a small workshop

G# geometry - striking a balance between friction and functionality. Notes thumbnail Of cash and kudos - the search for remojofication.

Haynes saxophone & clarinet manuals

Benchlife...the workshop rolling blog

Haynes saxophone & clarinet manuals thumbnailEverything you need to know about looking after your sax or clarinet.

Benchlife - the workshop rolling blogA section devoted to the (almost) daily dabblings on and around the workbench.
Latest entry: A custom saxwhacker.


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