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Haynes woodwind maintenance manuals
The Haynes Saxophone Manual - the step-by-step guide to care & maintenance
Haynes woodwind maintenance manuals

The Haynes Saxophone Manual

"At last - a comprehensive maintenance manual dedicated purely to the saxophone."

Haynes Saxophone ManualThe saxophone is by far and away the most popular of all the woodwind instruments and can be found in almost all genres of music - from classical to jazz. Because of its size and construction it's often forgotten that its keywork is really rather delicate and requires precise manufacture and careful setting up if the instrument is to perform at its best.
This means maintenance is essential if you want to keep your horn in top playing condition.

The Haynes Saxophone Manual explains clearly how the instrument works, what can go wrong, what can be done to fix it and what you can do to prevent unexpected problems cropping up. It also shows you how to tweak your horn to improve its feel and response - and for prospective buyers there are hints and tips on choosing and buying a saxophone.

Unlike existing repair manuals the Haynes manual focusses solely on maintenance, which means the techniques are described in greater detail - along with photographic illustrations to guide you each step of the way. The use of expensive specialist tools is kept to a minimum, and many of the jobs described can be carried out with simple tools that are available from any hardware store.
You'll learn how to care for and clean the instrument, lubricate the mechanism, check for wear and leaks, replace corks and felts, remove and refit keys, regulate the action and adjust the spring tension for maximum performance.
For advanced tweakers there are sections on replacing pads and springs, and a comprehensive troubleshooting guide to help you diagnose and deal with problems.

Even if you have no intention of taking a screwdriver to your pride any joy, this manual will help you to understand how and why your horn isn't working as well as it could. Packed with hints, tips and professional repair techniques its 164 hardback-bound pages laid out in a clear, full-colour, easy-to-read format make it the owner's manual for the saxophone.

I've just received my copy of Stephen's sax manual from Amazon - superb! The photos and writing set a new standard for books about the saxophone. Get it on your Xmas wish list quickly before the print run sells out. No time to fill you in any more, since I must get back to reading it, if I can drag it off a friend of mine who has just come for lunch. (He doesn't even play the sax!).Forum poster on

Very high quality production, amazing for a paltry twenty quid. Top value, and very highly recommended. Particular compliments to Stephen on his light written style. Makes a technical manual very readable.
Forum poster on

Already your book has probably saved me a repair bill! My low C key wasn't behaving so I reached for your manual and soon realised that whilst cleaning my B+W bronze tenor, I must have dislodged the spring for that key pad. Having followed your advice in your book, now sorted!

Haynes saxophone manual rear cover
Haynes Saxophone Manual rear cover

I've already used your patented fag paper theory to detect a small leak on the low B pad!
Mr. H. Gardener

My low notes work again! Brilliant!!
Mr. P. Chambers

So much detail and good to read - worth every penny.
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With the help of the manual Iím more confident to tackle some of the smaller jobs such as re-corking the neck, keeping the action oiled and even adjusting the odd spring or maybe, with care, the regulation on a couple of keys if necessary. But where I feel this book is going to be most beneficial to me is spotting problems before they become too much of an issue or tracking down the likely culprit to a problem thatís developed. Itís an enlightening book that Iím pleased to own, the touches of humour and considered guidance along with detailed photographs makes it clear and informative.
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The Haynes Saxophone Manual is available directly from Haynes at £22.99 or from major booksellers online and in the high street as well as general music stores, but for those of you wanting something a little more special you can order signed copies directly from this website. See the purchase page for details.

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