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Haynes woodwind maintenance manuals
The Haynes Clarinet  Manual - the step-by-step guide to care & maintenance
Haynes woodwind maintenance manuals

The Haynes Clarinet Manual

"What every clarinettist needs, a concise and clear guide to maintenance."

Note: The Haynes Clarinet Manual is now out of print and is only available on the secondhand market.

Haynes Clarinet ManualThe clarinet is a master of expression - its breadth of tone matched only by its sheer range - and despite its seemingly simple construction it's really quite a complex instrument. In order for it to perform at its very best it requires regular care and maintenance. The Haynes Clarinet manual follows in the footsteps of the hugely successful Saxophone Manual and explains in clear terms precisely how the instrument works, what can go wrong and what can be done about it.

Unlike traditional repair manuals, the Haynes Clarinet Manual focusses solely on maintenance - allowing the techniques to be described in greater detail and without unnecessary technical jargon, accompanied by hundreds of full-colour photographs and illustrations.
You'll learn how to choose and buy a clarinet, which accessories and care products are worth buying, how to assembleit properly, how to care for the body and lubricate the keywork and how to spot problems before they become serious.
For the more adventurous there are sections on checking for and diagnosing leaks, replacing corks, adjusting the springs and regulating the action using a minimum of tools that can be purchased from any hardware store. You can even learn how to completely dismantle the instrument and reassemble it...without losing any parts.

More advanced techniques cover replacing pads and spring and dealing with cracks and splits - and there's a troubleshooting section to help diagnose those everyday niggles that can make playing the clarinet more of a chore than a joy.

Even if you wouldn't dream of taking a screwdriver to your clarinet, this manual will help you to understand your instrument better and will help you decide whether it's your technique or the clarinet that's at fault when problems occur. Packed with hints, tips, professional repair techniques and more than a few wry smiles, its 196 hardback-bound pages are laid out in a step-by-step format that make it the owner's manual for the clarinet.

Please note: The Haynes Clarinet Manual covers standard Boehm system clarinets - which are the most common type in use. Although it does not cover simple (Albert) system, German (Oehler) system, plateau and covered-hole harmony clarinets (alto, bass etc.) many of the maintenance techniques described can be applied to these instruments. These instruments were excluded from the manual due to sheer lack of space, and may well be covered in a later manual.

"A great addition to the sax manual and every bit as useful and entertaining!"
Jeff Collings

"I read the section on checking for leaks and whaddya know, I got leaks. Can't say I'm happy to have them, but thanks for showing me how to find them"
D.B. Franks


Haynes Clarinet Manual rear cover


"Highly readable, as usual, and chock full of invaluable info. Brilliant."
J. Temperton


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