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Haynes Saxophone and Clarinet Manuals

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The notes section is rather like an informal diary centering on life in and around the workshop...or perhaps any other aspect of the instrument repair/playing business. In short, a sort of fly-on-the-wall view of the comings and goings that make up the average working day, generously padded out with a few observations, glorious victories and notable failures.

Is anyone interested? Well, almost every client that walks through the door says something along the lines of "wow, what a fascinating place, so much must go on here"..and they're right. It's also a given that musicians are, on the whole, an entertaining social group - with their fair share of egotistical maniacs, obsessive compulsives and general enthusiasts. It's into the last category that I hope I fit...with perhaps a respectful nod to the group of mild eccentrics huddled in the corner.

I've always admired enthusiasts - they have a passion for their passion that transcends the line of duty, and with that comes a sense of integrity based on patient study and practical experience. If the best that can be said of me is that I'm an enthusiast then I'll be a happy man indeed. So these pages are my own indulgence, a chance to share some of that enthusiasm with anyone who cares to stop awhile and have a natter...

Regular visitors might notice the menu has changed. With more and more tales making their way onto the site, the newer ones were getting ever nearer the bottom of the page - so I've inverted the menu...the latest tales now appear at the top. If you want to read them in chronological order, click on the last tale and work backwards!

































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